Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shipping Success!

I have a fear of broken cookies.
 For that reason I do not usually ship orders. But I don't mind practicing my shipping skills on family. During football season I shipped some Chicago Bear cookies to my little brother and his family who live in Illinois. Several of the cookies broke during shipping....sad day. And on top of broken cookies...the Bears lost the game. :(
My sis in law, Jennifer asked me to make some cookies for their upcoming camping trip with several of their friends. 
I was excited to make the cookies, but nervous about shipping. So I did some research. The cookie decorator community is amazing and full of helpful knowledge. I found some great information on the Cookies R Us forum from Susan of The Painted Cookie .

Here are the supplies I used...

AND Bubble Wrap! (forgot to take a pic)

I took 2 or 3 cookies and placed them in a cellophane bag. Between each cookie I put a small piece of parchment paper to protect the designs. I folded the bags over without twisting or taping closed. 
I lined each box with one sheet of bubble wrap and a thin layer of the paper shred. I placed the bags of cookies on top of the shred very close to each other. Susan said it is important that they can not move around in the box. 

Here they are all snug in their box. :)

I then placed a sheet of bubble wrap on tip and closed the box. I then repeated the process until all the cookies were packed.

almost ready to go.....

I wrapped each box in a sheet of bubble wrap (fear of broken cookies). 

I then placed these boxes in one larger box stacked just like this. I put packing peanuts all around the boxes so that there would be no movement. I closed it up and gave it a good movement from inside! :)

So...did they make it from Dallas to Illinois unbroken?

Lets see.....

SURPRISE!  OK, I really didn't ship my kitty...

YES! They all made it in one piece!! no breakage!!   Thanks for the great advice Susan!!!  (by the way I love your name!) ;)

Happy Camping John and Jennifer!!! :)


The Painted Cookie said...

I am so glad this worked for you Susan! Cute cookies, I love the s'mores. Now you can ship to non-family members with confidence!

SuziQ said...

Thanks Susan!! :)