Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teacher appreciation

The lady that won the gift certificate for 2 dozen cookies from the charity auction last fall ordered these cookies for teacher appreciation week. Her kids go to The Spanish Schoolhouse. She asked for one dozen favors with the logo and one dozen of the giant 3d flowers. I love making these flowers! I was a little nervous about the logo since I am not really a free hand artist. I used a yellow food color marker to draw the logo out then I pipped my icing over that. it worked out well. :)


Last fall I donated some cookies for a local charity auction.  The theme of the auction was "bling". A friend of mine (Laura aka The Amazing Party planner!) asked me to make girly cookies full of bling. I made tiaras, diamond rings and some leopard print with hot pink sanding sugar.
I also donated a gift certificate for 2 dozen cookies. A sweet lady won that GC and placed her oder a couple of weeks ago......the post with her order is next. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shipping Success!

I have a fear of broken cookies.
 For that reason I do not usually ship orders. But I don't mind practicing my shipping skills on family. During football season I shipped some Chicago Bear cookies to my little brother and his family who live in Illinois. Several of the cookies broke during shipping....sad day. And on top of broken cookies...the Bears lost the game. :(
My sis in law, Jennifer asked me to make some cookies for their upcoming camping trip with several of their friends. 
I was excited to make the cookies, but nervous about shipping. So I did some research. The cookie decorator community is amazing and full of helpful knowledge. I found some great information on the Cookies R Us forum from Susan of The Painted Cookie .

Here are the supplies I used...

AND Bubble Wrap! (forgot to take a pic)

I took 2 or 3 cookies and placed them in a cellophane bag. Between each cookie I put a small piece of parchment paper to protect the designs. I folded the bags over without twisting or taping closed. 
I lined each box with one sheet of bubble wrap and a thin layer of the paper shred. I placed the bags of cookies on top of the shred very close to each other. Susan said it is important that they can not move around in the box. 

Here they are all snug in their box. :)

I then placed a sheet of bubble wrap on tip and closed the box. I then repeated the process until all the cookies were packed.

almost ready to go.....

I wrapped each box in a sheet of bubble wrap (fear of broken cookies). 

I then placed these boxes in one larger box stacked just like this. I put packing peanuts all around the boxes so that there would be no movement. I closed it up and gave it a good movement from inside! :)

So...did they make it from Dallas to Illinois unbroken?

Lets see.....

SURPRISE!  OK, I really didn't ship my kitty...

YES! They all made it in one piece!! no breakage!!   Thanks for the great advice Susan!!!  (by the way I love your name!) ;)

Happy Camping John and Jennifer!!! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Camp Out Cookies

Camping cookies for my little brother John and his family for thier big camping trip coming up. Last time I shipped cookies to him (Chicago) several of them broke. So this time I packed them differently. Tomorrow will post the step by step shipping process I used....You will find out if they all made it in one piece! :)
These designs were inspired from some scrapbook stickers I found at Hobby Lobby and from this Scrapbook paper.
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Football Fun

Since I began making cookies, I have done several for football fans.

Of course, we are Dallas Cowboy fans. Here are some of my Cowboy orders....

This was my first set of Cowboy cookies...a little rough

But they did get better :)

This was for a tailgating party for the Thanksgiving Day Cowboy game

These were for my little brother John and his family in Chicago. He is probably the biggest Bears fan EVER! ;) I am not very good at shipping so several of them broke on the way....and the Bears lost that game. Bummer....

I know..I know... but they were for an order.

Super bowl cookies for some friends who are big Saints fans. They even taught me what "Who Dat" meant. :)

OU cookies for Kolbe's science teacher Miss McRoy who is a big time OU fan. they had a OU/Texas party at school before the big game. Since we are TX Tech fans....we helped Miss M root for OU. I made these cookies for the party. :)

This was an order for a block party. This is the jersey for a local high school football team. I am not a very goo free hand artist, so these logos took forever. This was before I knew how to make RI I can make logos much faster! :)
This order was favors for a friend's son's team party for his peewee league.

My favorite football is peewee football. My 9 year old has played 2 seasons for the city league. We just registered his for his 3rd season. He is moving up from the freshman level to the JV level. I LOVE football season!!He played for the Freshman Texans. Here are favors for his team homecoming...

My Favorite player!!  Brady #99!!

Happy Nurses Day

Nurses day closeup, originally uploaded by sskbmorgan.
This order was for my son Brady's WONDERFUL school nurse.
Brady is a very rough little boy who plays hard. In the past 2 school years he has broken 2 bones. Both during recess at school. So, she know my child well. :) As tough as he is, when he is hurt EVERYONE knows. Lots of loud crying and screaming! ;)
I am thankful for Nurse Smith's calm patience with him. She takes such good care of all the kiddos at school.

I had fun making these because I used my new favorite cutter. I love using my favorite bright colors for these 3D cookies.

Happy Nurses Day to all the wonderful Nurses who take care of us!

Blue and Silver Stars

blue silver stars, originally uploaded by sskbmorgan.
This order was for a High School Drill Team. I added extra sparkle. there is blue sanding sugar added on the blue icing. on the silver edges I added white sanding sugar to some and a course silver sugar to the others. I think I will start making my Dallas Cowboy stars like this on my football orders.

Rachel's snowflake cookies

Snowflakes 8 bday 2
Originally uploaded by sskbmorgan

This order was for a little girl named Rachel who was turning 8. She had a ice skating party. Since I don't have a ice skate cutter yet, I had to get creative. I made these extra sparkley snowflakes. There is silver dust on the white and then white sanding sugar on the blue detail. I added some "8" shapes and added snowflake sprinkles.
Happy Birthday Rachel!

Baylor Bears Class of 2010

Originally uploaded by sskbmorgan

This order was for a friend whose daughter,Mollie, was graduating from Baylor. For the BU, I did a RI transfer.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My very first decorated cookies July 2009

My very first decorated cookies 7-2009
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July 2009 I decided to see what it was like to make sugar cookies and decorate them with royal icing. I have made plenty of cookies, and I am even known by many as "the cookie lady", but I have never attempted to make cutout cookies and decorate them.
A friend of mine was bringing her husband to Texas to visit, his first I thought I would make some Texas flags.
I am a researcher by nature so first I researched the best ways to make and use royal icing. then I looked up pictures of decorated Texas flag cookies for inspiration........what came next was a HUGE but somewhat FUN MESS! :) My inspirations were SweetSugarBelle  and Bake@350  
Here is a picture of my very first decorated cookies! (sorry...bad picture! )

I made the biggest mess and thought for sure I would never attempt to use that icing again....LOL

Bee-Day Cookies

This order was for a beautiful little girl for her first birthday. She had a Bumble Bee party and I was asked to match her custom invitation. These were very fun to make. I did several "3D" cookies by adding mini cookies onto larger ones. Happy Birthday Sweet Brooklyn!