Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Football Fun

Since I began making cookies, I have done several for football fans.

Of course, we are Dallas Cowboy fans. Here are some of my Cowboy orders....

This was my first set of Cowboy cookies...a little rough

But they did get better :)

This was for a tailgating party for the Thanksgiving Day Cowboy game

These were for my little brother John and his family in Chicago. He is probably the biggest Bears fan EVER! ;) I am not very good at shipping so several of them broke on the way....and the Bears lost that game. Bummer....

I know..I know... but they were for an order.

Super bowl cookies for some friends who are big Saints fans. They even taught me what "Who Dat" meant. :)

OU cookies for Kolbe's science teacher Miss McRoy who is a big time OU fan. they had a OU/Texas party at school before the big game. Since we are TX Tech fans....we helped Miss M root for OU. I made these cookies for the party. :)

This was an order for a block party. This is the jersey for a local high school football team. I am not a very goo free hand artist, so these logos took forever. This was before I knew how to make RI I can make logos much faster! :)
This order was favors for a friend's son's team party for his peewee league.

My favorite football is peewee football. My 9 year old has played 2 seasons for the city league. We just registered his for his 3rd season. He is moving up from the freshman level to the JV level. I LOVE football season!!He played for the Freshman Texans. Here are favors for his team homecoming...

My Favorite player!!  Brady #99!!

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