Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Butterflies, flowers and donuts...

Baby shower order.....Started with this napkin.

This order was for a baby shower given to a teacher from her Kindergarten class on the last day of school. Because the cookies were going to be eaten mainly by the students, I made all the butterflies the same size and only did 2 styles. Makes for less drama. ;) 

Not sure what is wrong with my camera, but my cookie pictures have not been turning out very good. The colors I used were a light purple, pink and mint green.

I finished this order late at night. the next day was the last day of school....and I was exhausted! So ready for summer! :)
As I finished the order, I thought to myself " I am very happy with how these donuts turned out". LOL!!  I have never even made donuts! ;)

Happy Summer! :)
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